Stylus Pens, USB Stylus Supplier South Africa

Stylus Pens, USB Stylus, Crystal Pens in South Africa

We supply Stylus Pens for touch screen devices and tablets in South Africa. Our Stylus pens range includes the stylus pens with usb flash drive inside them to the elegant crystal stylus pen and not forgetting the masculine Executive Balmain Stylus Pen.

Stylus Pens Promotions

The special below was posted on 09 June 2017 and valid while stocks last.
Prices exclude vat and delivery

stylus pen with screen cleaner
Rocket Stylus Pen & Screen Cleaner
includes 1 colour print on pen

150 units @ R11.71 each
500 units @ R7.12 each
1000 units @ R6.36 each

Great giveaway gift for Exhibitions,
Expo and Golf Day Events.
An excellent meet and greet gift
for sales reps. This Techno gift is
always well received
and makes for
a great conversation starter.
chrystal stylus pen
Tiffany Pen with Stylus & Pouch
includes 1 colour print on pen

150 units @   R30.99 each
500 units @   R29.99 each
1000 units @ R24.99 each

Ideal Midrange gift for ladies.
Works well as staff and client gifts.
The ladies love the crystal beads  and
look and feel of the set.
This Techno gift is always well received.

Stylus Pens Collection

See below the range of stylus pens we supply.

 Rocket Stylus & Screen Cleaner PEN-9767; Allure Crystal Stylus Pen PEN-1414; Balmain Arras Stylus Ball Pen PEN-1410; stylus & screen cleaner; crystal stylus pen ; balmain stylus pen
Gumbite Styli TECH-4093; Slim Plastic Stylus Pens AMCAM-18786; Slim Metal Stylus Pen AMCAM-18955; Gumbite Styli; slim plastic stylus pen; slim metal stylus pen ;stylus pen with cleaner;stylus pen supplier;stylus pen wholesaler
4GB Stylus USB Pen – BIStylus;Showcase Stylus Pen PEN-1405;Construct Stylus Pen PEN-1302;usb stylus pen;showcase stylus pen;construct stylus pen
XD Design Memory Stick Pen & Stylus USB-5005; XD Design Stylo 3-in-1 USB Stylus USB-4636; Eco-Scribe Bamboo Stylus Pen PEN-1340; XD Design USB Stylus Pen ;XD Design Stylo USB Pen; bamboo eco stylus pen;

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Custom Promotional Rulers, Company Branded Rulers Promotional Gifts | South Africa, ZA

30cm Ruler with Full Colour Print

Promotion Valid until 31 July 2017 | Prices exclude Vat and Delivery

The perfect promotional deskbound gift that will get your brand noticed over a period of time.

Introducing the 30cm ruler with full colour branding from one end of the ruler to other end.

Full-colour images of your brand and products will render well on this ruler.
The design application is endless and is only limited by one’s imagination.
We can print on both sides of the ruler, excellent for co-branding.

Ruler with Full Colour on 1 side
1000 units – R9.51 each
3000 units – R8.81 each
5000 units – R7.94 each

We do custom promotional rulers, company branded rulers, these make excellent entry level promotional gifts.
We supply rulers throughout, South Africa, ZA. High-quality rulers at competitive prices with full colour print of your design.

See other products: Use prices on catalogues below as a guide.  Website prices are based on minimum quantities.

Barrons –
Altitude –
Promo Gifts and Clothing –

personalised ruler,promotional rulers,personalised wooden rulers,custom printed rulers,custom plastic rulers,promotional plastic rulers,custom made rulers,ruler products,promotional rulers,High Precision Rules,Medical Rulers,

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Where can I buy South African Flags in Durban?



You can buy SA Flags from Bannerxpert in Durban. We stock Handheld Flags, Supporter Flags and the Standard Flags for the indoor and outdoor poles.

Both the Flag for the pole and supporter flag are 1.2×1.8m.
The supporter Flag does not have a toggle and rope unlike the pole flag.
The supporter Flag is a preferred favourite for sport matches and marches as it is much cheaper.

We also supply indoor and outdoor poles. Installation strictly in the Durban area.

See Specials Page for pricing  Flag Specials

Limited Stock
Call 031 824 6742 / 031 824 6710

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Promotional Gift – Key USB

The Key USB  comes in a Opaque Gift box. This has been a popular gift in the travel, transportation and real estate industry.  An ideal gift as a promotional giveaway or a midrange client gift.

The opaque Gift box can be branded with a full colour logo. An ideal gift for property companies, car dealerships, fleet companies. An excellent way to present marketing material. USB’s are always a welcomed gift.

Most creative agencies team this gift with campaigns themed around “Key to success, Opening doors for Opportunities, Keys to a Brighter Future, Unlocking your potential, Opening Doors” etc

USB Special

8gb Key USB Packaged In Plastic Gift Box @ R 73.49 ex vat each| MOQ 100 Units
(Includes FREE Laser Engraving , No Artwork and Setup Charges)
Special Valid until 31 May 2017

Send an email enquiry to


Key USB, Key Memory Stick





Terms and Conditions
– Logo must be provided in a vector pdf. Excludes logo redraw.
– Delivery will be an additional charge.
– Price excludes vat

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Specials on Gazebos, Pull Ups, Bannerwalls, Kiosks, Flags and Outdoor Banners

Specials on Gazebos, Pull Ups, Bannerwalls, Kiosks, Flags and Outdoor Banners

Bannerxpert supplies customised Promotional Banners and Signs including Flags, Displays and Banner Stand Units. We brand high-quality promotional banners, including Teardrop Fin Banners, Pull up, Teardrop Fin, Feather, Pop up, PVC, Gazebo’s and Banner Walls.


 Economy Roll Up Banner

Get 3 @ R790.00 each ex vat

The economy style pull-up banner a great advertising solution.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor displays and takes less than 1 minute to install. Econo Tabbed Roll Up Banner 2mx850mm.
Design charged seperately.

 Pull up banner - Economy. Budget Banners, Durban, South Africa

South African Flag

Get 1 @ R590 each ex vat
Get 2 @ R495 each ex vat

High-Quality SA Flag screen printed on 100% polyester material.
With toggle and rope. Rope for pole sold separately.
Meets SABS approval. A locally produced product.
SA Flag 1.2×1.8m.

 South African Flag Durban, South Africa

Corporate / Company / School Flags

Get 1 @ R970 each ex vat
Get 2 @ R790 each ex vat

High Quality digitally printed on coated ultra sheen material.
With toggle and rope. Rope for pole sold separately.
A locally produced product. Size 1.2×1.8m.
Design charged separately.

 Custom company,school, corporate flag Durban, South Africa

3m Harp Banners (Sharkfin/Teardrop)

Get 3 @ R1,049 each ex vat – Single Sided
Get 3 @ R1,720 each ex vat – Double Sided

3m Harp Banner digitally printed on coated ultra sheen material.
Single or Double Sided Banner. Includes outdoor peg and carry bag.
Mechanism made from strong Fibre Glass.
A great solution for outdoor branding.
Design charged separately.

 Harp,Sharkfin,Teardrop Banners Durban, South Africa

3m Gazebo

Get 1 @ R5,159 each ex vat
Get 2 @ R4,950.00 each ex vat

3m Steel Gazebo. Skin printed digitally full colour on
water resistant canvas. Includes carry bag and toolkit
Easy to setup, pop up mechanism.
Design charged separately.

 Branded Gazebo Prices and Specials, Durban, South Africa



Get 1 @ R2,990 each ex vat

Excellent Point of Sale Solution.
Light weight Plastic stand, with digitally printed vinyl inserts.
Branding is easily interchangeable.
Comes with a carry bag.
Setup is very easy, can be done under 3 minutes.
Design charged separately.

 Branded Kiosk Prices and Specials, Durban South Africa

Bannerwall Straight or Curved

2.25mx2.25m @ R3,685 each ex vat
2.25mx3m      @ R4,709 each ex vat
2.25mx4.5m  @ R7,190 each ex vat

Excellent for Exhibitions, sales conferences
Light weight mechanism.
Branding is easily interchangeable.
Skins printed on washable material.
Comes with a carry bag.
Setup is very easy, can be done under 3 minutes.
Design charged separately.

 Branded Bannerwall Prices and Specials, Durban South Africa
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Marching Banners ideal for rallies, sport events, protest and outdoor events.

Marching Banners

Banner, Flag, Gazebo Specials

Marching Banners are one of our top sellers. These banners are popular for outdoor events, they are ideal for rallies, sport events and protest marches. We manufacture and supply these banners throughout South Africa.

Our entry level banner is 2mx1m PVC Banner printed on black back PVC with Pockets, supplied with a Wooden Dowel sticks on either ends.

What is PVC?
The best way we can describe this to our clients, it is similar to the material used to make tents. It is waterproof and can be easily stored away and cleaned.

Material Marching Banners
We can do a dye sublimation print on material with a single side print, you will get a 90% strikethrough of light on this banner. If you require no light coming through, we suggest you request block out material on the back  to be added. Material Banners can have a pocket stitched at the top with a dowel stick running along the top.

On both the PVC or the material Banner we can do a full colour print, we do not print foil or metallic, spot or pantone colours.
Schools prefer the PVC Banners for sports events as it is a cost effective solution, easy storage and dirt can be wiped of with a damp cloth.

How to take care of the PVC Banner?
After the event, wipe of any dirt off  with a damp cloth, allow to dry.
Do not use any cleaning solutions to wipe banner as this may bleach or wipe of the print.
Roll up and store away from sunlight in a dry place.Do not place any heavy objects on the rolled banner, as the banner will crease easily and this is difficult to  remove.

Bannerxpert is a brand of Chameleon Media Marketing. Chameleon Media Marketing is Level 1 BEE Status; 100% Black Owned EME, 70% Black Women Ownership.

Send your enquiries through to | Check out latest prices on Latest Banner Prices

marching banner, rally banner, protest banner marching banner school sports banner

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#thisflag campaign in Zimbabwe, Flag Supplier

Banner, Flag, Gazebo Specials

Zimbabwe Flag Supplier

#thisflag campaign in Zimbabwe

We are selling Zimbabwe and Handheld Flags. Limited Stock

South African’s are standing together and showing solidarity for #thisflag campaign in Zimbabwe

Pastor Evan Mawarire started the most subversive protest movement in Zimbabwe’s recent history by accident. He was fed up with the state of his nation, and decided to share his frustrations online. Turns out that he’s not the only frustrated Zimbabwean. In an in-depth interview, Mawarire tells SIMON ALLISON why Zimbabwe is broken – and how citizens can start fixing it. Read More

The Flag now wrapped around your neck now means citizens speaking out against Corruption, Injustice and Poverty in Zimbabwe.

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The All Pouch – Gogo Coin Pouch

The All Pouch – Gogo Coin Pouch

Gogo Coin Pouch Gogo medicine Pouch

The All Pouch – Gogo Coin Pouch is hand made from the finest genuine leather.
A proudly South African Product. This versatile pouch can carry gogo’s  money, medication or keys.
The snap hook can easily be attached to key holders, belts or gogo’s bra.
We have secured it with a quality zip ensuring our grannies precious hard earned money is safe.

I was inspired to make this product after being to the informal market in Durban. I saw elderly woman trading on the pavements. Every time they made a sale they would dig into their bra’s for their handchief to give the buyer change. The gogo’s coin pouch is close to my heart. I do believe we can change the world one purse at a time.

Help us help keep South African’s employed.  Each pouch is lovingly  hand made.

This would make an excellent Mothers Day or Women’s Day Gift. It works well as a tampon holder for girls or as a medication pouch.

The coin pouch is 75mmx65mm.
We can also manufacture this pouch from PU Material.
Minimum order is 500 pouches

We custom design a pouch to suit your product.




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The ALL Pouch – Coin/Condom Holder Pouch

Condom Holder Pouch

Condom Holder Pouch

The ALL Pouch – Coin/Condom Holder Pouch

Hand made from the finest genuine leather. A proudly South African Product.
This versatile pouch can carry up to 4 condoms / Money/ Medication or Keys.

The snap hook can easily be attached to key holders, belts ,trouser loops and ladies bra straps
Size of pouch 75mmx65mm. Branding is possible logo can be  de-bossed.
Minimum  500 pouches

Aids Day Gift
This Condom Holder Pouch can take upto 4 condoms. We can manufacture this pouch from leather or PU Material.
Excellent Aids Day gift for staff, NPO, NGO. Branding is optional

condom holder  pouch, Aids Day Gift, Aids Day  promotional gifts, cheap Aids Day Gift






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World Aids Day Gifts, Top Sellers, South Africa

HIV and AIDS affects people across the world daily. It does not discriminate against race, colour and age. Millions have lost their lives to this disease in South Africa.

Promotional Gifts and Items
We will be wearing our red ribbon on 1 December to show our support, will you?
A donation is made to The Topsy Foundation for each and every item sold through.

Our Aids day gifts range include sunglasses, lunch coolers, umbrella, lip balm, wipes, stress ball, lanyards, notebook, earphones, condom holders, key holders, water bottle, folding hat, mug, button badge, keyholder,  bottle opener, pens, yoyo, hand pen, memo holder, magnetic clip and party cups.

Top 6 ideas for Aids Day promotional gifts and items

Students- Earphones, earphones with condoms are popular gift with by the students.

Hopefully inspiring to practice safe sex.

Pens- No matter how many times, we receive a pen, it is always a welcome gift.

Badges and Ribbons- Eish have you ever visited an aids day event, if you are spotted at this event without the badge or ribbon, than my friend you have broken a cardinal rule. No Aid Day event is complete without the pin badge.

Water Bottles – An excellent for Aid Day events under the hot South African sun, keeping the crowd cool and hydrated.

Caps and Hats – Just the mere mention head gear giveaway will send thousands of supporters running over to you stand 🙂

Key Holders – I love this gift, hopefully the aid day symbol on the key holder; will get the recipient of the gift to practice safe sex. A gentle reminder every time they open their door.


Aid day Lipbalm Aid day Pen Aid day Lipbalm Aid day Keyring and Key holder Aid day Keyring Aid day Earphones and Condom GIFT-9581-SW-AIDS_460_350 AIDS-022_460_350 Aid day Notepads Aid day wristbands Aid day Pin Bages Aid day Hat Aid day Pencil

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