Mandela T shirts and Flags – Father of the Nation

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Mandela T shirts for Sale

Tribute To Mandela T-Shirts available in black T-shirts with white prints.
Available in sizes s-xxl .Bulk orders welcome. Delivery costs not included.

We supply large corporates, small businesses, retail and various other sectors throughout the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North West, Western Cape and Africa.

These T shirts make great buys for Mandela Day, Freedom Day and Tata Madiba Birthday Celebration.

Corporates and Business can brand the right sleeve or back to maximise exposure.

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Cheap Mandela T shirts, Madiba T shirts, Tata Madiba T shirts

Tata Madiba T shirts

Tata Madiba Face on T shirts, Mandela face on T Shirt

Get the Madela T shirt. Tata Madiba, Father of the Nation.  Black T shirt with print

Printed Nelson Mandela T-shirts.

Order 100 units and more

165g quality cotton T shirts.
Kiddie T shirts also available.


South African Handheld Flags

These small hand held  national flags have become very popular after the death of our  dear President Nelson Mandela. The South African hand flags are ideal hand out flags for school events, public events, sports events and  government ceremonies.  The printed flags comes with a plastic flag stick.

Flag size 210mmx140mm

Hand held  waving South African Flags. Limited stock available. Makes excellent handing out flags.
Limited stock available.

Hand Flags Wholesale Prices

Request a quote for 1000 units and over

Hand held waving South African Flags. hand held flags, sa hand flags, handing out flags


Custom Flags

mandela flgas, madiba flags. Makes excellent handing out flags.

Car Flags

South African Flags for cars. Limited stock available

South African car Flags, car Flags

South African Flags

South African Flags, sa flags for poles, outdoor sa flags

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