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We supply large corporates, small businesses, retail and various other sectors throughout the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North West, Western Cape and Africa.

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Pen Specials, with branding, Durban, South Africa

Plastic Pens

Plastic pens are the most popular plastic promotional items  in South Africa. It makes for high volume low cost effective marketing solution.
You can custom brand  the pen  by pad printing, full coour wrap or dome it with a full colour logo. Plastic pens bought in bulk have a super value for your mass promotional products giveaways. We have hundreds of promotional pens to choose from to best fit your company image. Our pens come with with black German ink. Our clients vote us the promotional products wholesale supplier in South Africa.

Top Sellers in this Catergory
Hotelier – mainly for Resorts and Hotels, Jester, Cap Pens, Click Pens, Plastic Pens with Dome Sticker

plastic pens, Hotelier - mainly for resorts and hotels, Jester, Cap Pens, Click Pens, Plastic Pens with Dome Sticker


Metal Pens (Stainless Steel)
Metal pens makes an excellent middle to high end gifts for clients. We are proud suppliers of the Balmain, Mark Twain Range, Mont Blanc, Elleven,  Marksman and Ferraghini. The Odeon Pen in Tube a been a popular seller as an entry level pen, whilst the more classic designs in the Balmain Range was voted the favourites as an high end gift by our clients. These pens come in the classic colours silver and black. This year we saw a bold shift by the corporate buyers towards the brighter colours such as yellows and lime greens. The executive metal pens come in attractive presentation boxes, this seems to be a big deciding factor with our clients. Some interesting packaging this year would be the Tin Box with Zipper and pouches.

Top Sellers in this Catergory
Pens in Tubes, Metal Pens with Gift boxes

Balmain, Mark Twain Range, Mont Blanc, Elleven, Marksman and Ferraghini. Pens in Tubes, Metal Pens with Gift boxes

Pen Sets

As a first-rate supplier of Barron’s Pens, we have a wide range of pen sets to offer you which aims to please every different market by our diversity of pen sets to choose from. Our eco-friendly pens teamed up with notebooks, sticky flags and jotters is an amazing range with a variety of options.

#popular executive pen set – consists of a wallet, business card case, stainless steel plaque, split ring, ballpoint pen with a twist action mechanism, keychain, comes with its own gift box and has white contrast stitching.

One of our very functional pen sets is the aluminium ballpoint pen which consists of a metric ruler, a spirit level and a reversible small Phillips and flathead screwdriver. It has a textured metal grip and black German documental ink.


Pens with Stylus

Need a pen with a purpose? The stylus pen is one of our best offers to you as you have a pen in the office and a stylus in the boardroom. IPads, IPhones, tablets, galaxies and even gamers are all now in touch screen, stay connected and in the loop with our fast growing technology and get yourself a stylus pen. A stylus pen is the perfect corporate gift especially as a gift to the high end market. You can choose from aluminium, plastic and eco-friendly. #popularOur most popular stylus pen is the Tip through Stylus pen which has a curved tip, plunge action or twist action mechanism, black German documental ink and a capacitive stylus.


Pens with Laser Pointer

Presentations? We understand the pressure and anxiety of putting together and doing a presentation and therefore we offer you your new presentation buddy!

We have a variety of laser pointers to choose from such as the Metal pen with LED light, laser pointer and a touch pad for smart phones and tablets supplied in a veneer gift box; the perfect gift in a business environment OR our most

#popular Barron’s Ballpoint Pen with a laser pointer in a gift tin. This solid brass pointer which has a chrome clip and plated trims also a has a matte finish , cap off design or a push button , black German documental ink , a laser pointer and a decorative cut out design.

We also have the Scintilla Laser Pointer torch and pen which is a very handy gift or one of our client’s favourite’s is the Kilobyte memory stick pen and laser pointer with a brass and gloss barrel and a lacquered coating, it also includes a satin chrome clip, trim and tip; it has a laser pointer at the back of the pen; black German ink and a stainless steel with gunmetal finish presentation box.


Pens with Highlighters

Pens with highlighters make an excellent tool and a great advantage for you to mark those important pointers during meetings, studying or even team building. We have many assorted pens and highlighters such as the Harvard pen & wax highlighter, the comet pen & highlighter, the atom pen & highlighter, the Callaway rollerball & highlighter, the Recycled Ballpoint and Highlighter Combo Pen and the trendy writing set from our leading pen suppliers Kevro and Amrod.

#popular – The trendy writing set: This includes a black pen / red pen / pencil / yellow highlighter & orange highlighter. The writing set has become a very popular choice amongst our corporate clients and is an excellent choice for branding exposure.


Eco Friendly Pens

Our eco-friendly pens are an excellent choice, not only to the environment but to you and your company as well. You can choose between recycled paper, bamboo and recycled wood pulp, as well as stylus pens, highlighter pens and usb pens.

#popular bamboo pen with black German documental ink, a bamboo barrel, ABS tip & clip and a plunge action mechanism.

Another best seller is the Recycled Ballpoint and highlighter combo pen which has a textured grip, black German documental ink, has a highlighter on the back of the pen and is made from recycled paper.


Mix and Match Pens

We are proud to market Amrod’s funky new mix-and-match pens, choose your own unique style and make a completely new and trendy pen best suited for your company’s branding with two simple steps.

Step 1: choose your upper barrel

Step 2: choose your lower barrel

Select from our range of superb pens which consists of the Regatta mix-n-match pen, the Jedi mix-n-match pen, the Deuce mix-n-match pen or the turbo mix-n-match pen.

#popular – Regatta mix-n-match pen which has a brass barrel , polished chrome clip & trim and includes large volume refill with 2300 metres of black German ink.

Combine any upper barrel colour with any lower barrel colour to create your own diverse pen!


USB Pens

Choose from our variety of usb pens that we have to offer, some include stylus backs, laser pointers and many more! One of our recommended usb gift sets is the – Keydata Gift Set which has a brass barrel pen, polished chrome clip & trim, includes large volume of refill with 2300 meters of black German ink memory stick and a presentation box.

Wanting a 3 in one solution? We offer you the treble stylus memory stick pen with a stainless steel & gloss barrel, a lacquered coating clip, trim & tip which is polished chrome and has black German ink. This trendy pen works as a stylus, a memory stick and of course a pen. This 3 in 1 convenience all gifted in a stylish presentation tube.

#popular Razor Turbo Gift Set: Bundle a Razor Memory Stick with a Turbo Mix-n-Match Pen … Jumble, combine, blend and mix up with the variety of colours that we have to choose from! Make your own unique design and earn your individuality!


Gifts Sets

Searching for the perfect corporate gift today that shows simplicity, style and excellent for branding expose can become a mission impossible if you’re not searching in the correct places. Our supplier’s .i.e.: Amrod, Abelanani, Kevro and Macma all have spectacular gift sets that comes in a variation that meets the expectation of every type of suitability. #popular – Futura Set with full colour box: this gift set includes a branded lanyard, pen, pencil, ruler, and sharpener and pencil case all in a full colour branded box.



If you’re looking for a useful way to promote your company then highlighters should be your #1 choice. Not only are our highlighters perfect for branding exposure but they are also an excellent and useful gift in the corporate industry. Because we know that everyone has a different opinion of style we supply a wide variety of colours, shapes and designs best suited for you and your company! Find the perfect kind of highlighter to suit any kind of event. Our wide ranges of products are from our leading suppliers: Amrod, Kevro. Macma & Abelanani.

#popular – Persona Highlighter / CrisMa highlighter with fluid optic *more upmarket.



Wanting a promotional gift that is simple, useful and effective, look no further! Pencils are an excellent give away especially when you have a lot to give away. This is an easy way to display your companies branding in a way that is practical and nifty. We have a mixture of different pencils and a wonderful assortment of colours for your selection. A few choices are: clutch pencils, sharpened, unsharpened and even eco-friendly.

#popular – the Brainiac Pencil: This comes in a variety of colours that includes an eraser at the end of the pencil.



We have many stationery items to choose from: pens, pencils, erasers, notepads, sticky notes, rulers, pencil cases, stationary sets and the list goes on. With our spectacularly affordable prices you are able to choose singular items in which you can mix and match to make your own personalised stationery sets.

#popular – scholar ruler & stationery set: plastic ruler, 2x wooden pencils, eraser and a plastic sharpener/“St Petersburg” 3 piece pen set with a fountain pen, ball pen and roller ball. Comes in a designer black leatherette case with white stitching *more upmarket.


Novelty Pens

Our diversity of pens is available to suit every person’s needs. Our range has every different kind of pen suited for every kind of event. i.e.:
Mini pens , eco-friendly pens , click action pens , twist action pens , cap off design pens , plump pens , slim line pens , metal pens , plastic pens , cheap pens , high end pens , fancy shaped pens , lanyard pens , ballpoint pens , stylus pens , laser pens , rollerball pens and the list goes on.
#popular (cheap promo) – Arena pen / (upmarket) Ferraghini Business Pen *more upmarket.


High End Pens

Gifting with elegance is how we would refer our high end pens. The many names you may come across in our miscellany are Balmain, Mark Twain Range, Mont Blanc, Elleven, Marksman and Ferraghini. Our high end pen range with its many designs, patterns and unique features are yet to disappoint! Our signature Barron’s pens have excellent attention to detail and come in many different designs .i.e.: stripped, soft textured, carbon fibre, sleek clip, columned barrel, etched barrel, chrome barrel, etched world map and many more to choose from!

#popular – Ferraghini Business Pen: This metal executive ball pen with its cross hatched silver design, is manufactured with attention to detail and has its own charm and is supplied with an elegant matching case.


Pen Packaging

What is the perfect packaging?

It is the way in which your company is represented. A classy and stylish yet bold casing, with the contents being a simple pen with a sheer purpose of assistance and usefulness to accommodate your every need. The classiness and boldness of the casing should describe your company’s stature and the simplicity, assistance and usefulness of the pen should represent your dedicated employees.

We appreciate all our clients and understand each and every different type of presentation box wanted. We not only assist with classy and bold, yet we also assist with the fun and stylish which is excellent for promotions and events. Have a look at our range and see which best describes your company / company event.

#popular – Parson Box: A stylish yet simple presentation box made of cardboard and allows for branding.



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