World Aids Day Gifts, Top Sellers, South Africa

HIV and AIDS affects people across the world daily. It does not discriminate against race, colour and age. Millions have lost their lives to this disease in South Africa.

We will be wearing our red ribbon on 1 December to show our support, will you?
A donation is made to The Topsy Foundation for each and every item sold through.

Our Aids day gifts range include sunglasses, lunch coolers, umbrella, lip balm, wipes, stress ball, lanyards, notebook, earphones, condom holders, key holders, water bottle, folding hat, mug, button badge, keyholder,  bottle opener, pens, yoyo, hand pen, memo holder, magnetic clip and party cups.

Top 6 ideas for Aids Day promotional gifts and items

Students- Earphones, earphones with condoms are popular gift with by the students.

Hopefully inspiring to practice safe sex.

Pens- No matter how many times, we receive a pen, it is always a welcome gift.

Badges and Ribbons- Eish have you ever visited an aids day event, if you are spotted at this event without the badge or ribbon, than my friend you have broken a cardinal rule. No Aid Day event is complete without the pin badge.

Water Bottles – An excellent for Aid Day events under the hot South African sun, keeping the crowd cool and hydrated.

Caps and Hats – Just the mere mention head gear giveaway will send thousands of supporters running over to you stand 🙂

Key Holders – I love this gift, hopefully the aid day symbol on the key holder; will get the recipient of the gift to practice safe sex. A gentle reminder every time they open their door.


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